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      Carton packaging: What are the quality factors that affect the carton?

      What are the quality factors that affect the carton?Today, the small edition of Guizhou carton Packaging Factory takes you to have a look:

      1, the fineness of the printing paper

      Fineness refers to the working ability of the reflective surface after direct illumination of the printing paper, and is also the bright level of the printing paper。The higher the fineness of the printed paper, the smaller the amount of saturation that is damaged by digestion and absorption, the better the replication practice, the printed image mainly reflects bright colors, and the level distance also looks layered。

      2, print paper moisture content

      When the moisture content of the printed paper is too high,The combination of chemical fibers, fillers and plastic particles in the paper is simply reduced,This will reduce the strength and tensile strength of the printed paper,Damage printing paper surface compressive strength,The formation of printing products deinking, stratification and other poor conditions,It is also easy to improve the plastic deformation of the printing paper, the formation of deformation, resulting in the printing of printed matter prohibited。Therefore, in the case of manufacturing, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture content of the printed paper, so as to ensure the strength of the carton。

      3, the lubrication of the printing paper

      How key will the lubrication of the printing paper damage the ink relocation is not complete, is the diagram clear。Printing paper with improved lubrication, GuizhouWhen the ink layer thickness changes slightly, the carton factory can still maintain a higher and more stable printing ink transfer rate, which can quickly produce a well-lubricated dry ink film on the paper, with excellent gloss, and the color level is colorful and gorgeous, so the carton will of course be presented in quality。

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