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      Guizhou Carton Factory: How to buy carton packaging?

      Carton packaging is the material to protect the product, but also frequently used packaging, carton packaging good packaging can win customers, let customers feel the product quality, bad cartons will make others feel, the product is general, and bad cartons are easy to cause product damage。

      When purchasing cartons, we should pay attention to understand the characteristics of the cartons clearly, and we need to pay attention to some special matters, so as to avoid buying defective cartons. The following paper guide to the future of Guizhou carton Packaging Factory will take you to understand the precautions for carton purchase。

      1, carton compressive strength: carton packaging to increase the displacement of the force generated by the compression of the carton, the carton can withstand the comparative force value called compressive strength, this strength for the same specification carton, mainly determined by the carton side pressure strength。

      2, carton side pressure strength: the ability of cardboard to withstand parallel to the direction of pressure。

      3, under the premise of meeting the quality standards of breaking strength, puncture strength, compressive strength and so on, the thickness of carton packaging is not the thicker the better, but the carton with exquisite printing, good feel and moderate thickness is accepted by more and more customers。

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