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      Carton manufacturer: About the carton in what aspects are available or not available

      About the carton in what way is available or not available

      Today, the carton packaging factory will tell you why the medicine box can not be replaced by a carton. The details are as follows. I hope you will take a look carefully!

        Many people like to use cardboard boxes to put medicine, in fact, this is not good。The carton will absorb moisture from the air, it is easy to get wet, and then the medicine will spoil, which may turn into poison。Therefore, it is recommended that you use a good quality plastic box, which should be put into the moisture-proof things。Buy a professional medicine box, which can be divided into many boxes to separate the drugs, better preservation, so that it is also easy to classify。The medicine box should be checked regularly, it is recommended to clean it once a month, replace the expired ones, make up the missing ones, and sun it for 3 months to avoid mold。

        Although cartons can't be used to store medicine, they have many other uses, such as drinks。

        The following talk about the characteristics and types of paper containers

        (1) Characteristics

        Paper containers were originally developed as dairy containers, and in recent years they have been more used for the packaging of fruit and vegetable juice and refreshing drinks。Compared with other containers, the advantages of paper containers are as follows:

        ① Low cost, more economic;

        ② No metal dissolution and tank odor;

        ③ Light weight;

        ④ It is easy to be discarded and disposed of, and it is a disposable container produced without pollution。

        The pressure resistance and sealing accuracy of carton containers are not as good as that of glass bottles and metal cans, so they cannot be heated to sterilize。


        According to the material structure and shape of the paper container, it can be divided into composite cartons, paper cups, combined cans and so on。

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