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      [Guizhou Carton manufacturer] Where is the difference between corrugated boxes and ordinary cartons?

      Where is the difference between corrugated boxes and ordinary cartons? The design of carton packaging is based on the actual conditions of packaging and production, and the design of the shape structure and internal accessories of the packaging according to scientific principles. The design must ensure that the structure has sufficient strength, hardness and the ability to resist other environments。Therefore, the small edition of Guizhou carton factory will introduce it to youGuizhou corrugated boxRelevant content of。


      The low temperature storage of corrugated boxes with thermal insulation function is currently a common means of thermal insulation of fresh cold chain food。The corrugated box with heat insulation function is in the traditional box, the outer packaging is lined with composite resin and aluminum evaporation coating, or the paper core is added to foam resin。So that it has excellent heat insulation, to prevent the temperature of fresh vegetables and fruits in circulation, to achieve the purpose of heat preservation。

      In order to make the corrugated box can resist various strains and damage encountered in the storage and transportation process, the carton and cardboard must have many performance requirements, such as compressive strength, breaking strength, vibration reduction performance and so on。The packaging performance of the carton is closely related to the box size, manufacturing technology, circulation and use environment, etc., mainly depends on the performance of corrugated cardboard, therefore, it is often necessary to measure various physical performance indicators of corrugated cardboard。

      The packaging industry has gradually become one of the important components of China's national economic development。But at present, there are many disharmonious phenomena in China's packaging industry。This disharmony is related to the utility of the enterprise, the relevant technical standards of the state are not updated in time, and the illegal cost of the enterprise is too low。

      The packaging materials of the customized dangerous bag box have certain chemical stability, and will not produce chemical reactions with the dangerous goods inside, which can effectively prevent accidents or contamination of other goods in direct contact with the box due to leakage and volatilization damage of the goods during transportation。

      There are many methods for the difference between corrugated boxes and ordinary cartons, we can learn these methods, fully and reasonably use these cartons, so that they are better used twice, which can bring us a lot of good results, want to know more packaging problems welcome to consult Guizhou carton manufacturers。

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