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      [Guizhou Carton] How to increase the pressure resistance of corrugated boxes?

      How to increase the pressure resistance of corrugated boxes, carton packaging design is based on the actual conditions of packaging and production, according to scientific principles of the shape of the packaging structure and internal accessories design, design must ensure that the structure has enough strength, hardness and resistance to other environments。Therefore, Guizhou carton manufacturer will introduce it to you纸箱Relevant content of。



      Five-layer corrugated box, also known as double corrugated box, is a small and medium-sized product packaging, which can be loaded with a single piece of larger weight against compressive strength and overall hardness。Usually AB, BE, CB range, AB, CB are usually used as TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and other large size packaging;CB box is used as a smaller carton packaging, such as express transportation, daily necessities department store packaging, digital electronic products, etc。The thickness of the cardboard varies according to the selection of different options, and the double corrugated box is also called the double pit corrugated box。

      The packaging industry has gradually become one of the important components of China's national economic development。But at present, there are many disharmonious phenomena in China's packaging industry。This disharmony is related to the utility of the enterprise, the relevant technical standards of the state are not updated in time, and the illegal cost of the enterprise is too low。

      The design of carton packaging structure is based on the actual conditions of packaging and production, and the design of the shape structure and internal accessories of the packaging according to scientific principles。The design must ensure that the structure has sufficient strength, hardness and resistance to other environments。From the point of view of the purpose of packaging, the following two aspects must be considered, one is to protect the primary function of the product, and the other is to meet the important characteristics of modern packaging, such as transportation and processing characteristics。

      There are also many kinds of carton materials。Different materials of carton packaging characteristics are different。When choosing carton packaging materials, you need to choose according to the weight of the goods and the price you can afford。In general, ordinary cardboard materials mainly include corrugated cardboard, which is composed of face paper, corrugated paper, core paper and inner paper。In general, the heavier the weight of cardboard, the better the material, the greater the weight you can bear, of course, the heavier the better, the specific choice of which material should be combined with product weight and characteristics。

      The above is about how to increase the pressure resistance of corrugated boxes, which meets some of our needs, so that we can better use, before we buy carton packaging learn how to correctly choose the right product。

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