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      Guiyang carton factory: customized carton need to pay attention to which aspects?

      Customized carton packaging need to pay attention to what several aspects?

      1.Basic conditions: Determine the length, width and height of the carton

      2.Select the material of the carton

      3.Selection of carton thickness

      4.Printing problem


      If the intention to cooperate with the carton manufacturer is determined and a consensus is reached on the quality of the paper and the method of cooperation, the carton factory can be asked to provide sample boxes。Carton models are generally not printed, mainly in order to determine the paper, size and process quality。

      6.Moq problem

      The carton factory had a problem with a low order quantity of 30 square meters。Different carton factories have different order quantities。It is generally recommended to make more cartons at one time。The less you order, the more expensive it will be。

      7.Special note

      Carton hardness: As long as continuous rain or wet days, even the original very hard carton will become soft (also new order)。

      8. Carton color

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