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    Guizhou Guihe Packaging Products Co., LTD.

    Contact: Manager Shi

    手  机:15185058171

    电  话:18286037796

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    Add: No. 66 Guankouzhai, Huashi Road, Shibian Town, Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

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    Company introduction

     Guizhou Guihe Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is located in Shuangshuang Guiyang -- Guiyang City, stone town, Huaxi District, Huashi Road No. 66 Guankou village。Covers an area of more than 3000 square meters。The company's terrain is open, and trailers above 13 meters can also reach the factory gate directly。Transportation is very convenient, go out is the outer ring highway。The company will uphold the sincere service attitude, focus on technology for our company's service concept。Is a collection of design, production, processing, sales as one of the carton packaging factory。

    We will be enthusiastic attitude and professional technology to provide customers with excellent service。Our company will plan to build a plant covering an area of more than 10 mu next year。At present, our company has two main production lines, which can produce more than 15,000 cartons per day。Can be customized according to customer needs, large quantity preferred。Welcome to visit and guide。

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