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      Customized process

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      Customized process

      The first step: Identify requirements

      Now cartons are used in all walks of life, and different industries have different needs for carton size, box type, material and material。Buyer pre-consultation,Carton factoryGive professional answers, and even give professional recommendations according to the characteristics and sizes of his products. After confirming these, the carton factory auditor then bases on themCustomer needs determine the four elements of the offer, i.eCarton customizationSize, quantity, box type, material。

      For customers are most concerned about the price question to give answers, this is the work of the carton factory before sales, a thorough understanding of customer needs, to give the most professional technical answers。 Identify customer needs, sometimes Carton factoryGeneral ordinary models can not meet customer needs, will also be by the carton factoryR&d team, according to customer needs, do some modifications to meet customer needs。 

      The second stage: sign the contract 

      Confirmed by the carton factory pre-sales sales personnel and sales personnelCarton customizationAfter the request, we need to confirm the shipment time and sign the contractAt this timeCarton factoryThe salesperson will draw up a sales contract based on what has been discussed。It contains detailed records of clients' needs, payment methods,Production cycle etc.。Make the final confirmation to the customer, then the customer needs to pay the corresponding material costs。 

      Third ring: Provide the first draft and start the design。Many companies have their own brand design, at this time need to make the design and the design of the carton factory docking, carton factoryDesign and make the carton custom layout, and confirm the final draft with the customer, arrange the production。

      The fourth ring: arrange production

      After signing the contract, it needs to be approved and signed by the director of the carton factory to formally place an order for production。All the products produced, sent for inspection, qualifiedAfter warehousing for shipment。 

      The fifth ring: notify customers of the completion of the final payment of product production, carton production is completed in the warehouse waiting for customer confirmation, customers can go to the carton factory to see the goods, You can also let the carton factory delivery to the door to confirm the final payment。 

      Sixth ring: after-sales service 

      After the carton is handed over to the customer, the transaction is not finished, and the next step is to enter the later stage of sale. If there are quality problems after the carton is sold, the customer service of the carton factory will follow up。Guihe Packaging has established an excellent after-sales service team,The problems that arise after the carton customization can give you timely treatment。

      Compared with short-term benefits, we pay more attention to reputation and long-termLong cooperation! 

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